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1984-1993 (Non Profit), 1993 (In Japan & Korea), 1999 (In Hong Kong)



Unit 2, 21/F., Block B, Wah Tat Industrial Centre, No. 8 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong



United Networks is one Hosting & Cloud Services Provider, Data Center, MultiTech China Distributor and Developer of i-Fax.



1984-1993:              Setup & promoted "Hong Kong Net" BBS Network (belonging to Fidonet Hong Kong under International Fidonet mentioned in this link in order to serve all Hong Kong people before Internet had become popular. This non-profitable BBS network was introduced by TVB, Ming Po, ComputerWorld & other newspapers/magazines...etc in past, 20 years ago.)

1994-1995:             Developed ColorFax, Japanese Web Browser & MultiMedia Network in Japan (introduced by one Japanese Newspaper)

1996-1998:        Promoted free Internet-based BBS network like current social networks (introduced by Computer Age Magazine)

1999-2010:         Developed i-Router, i-Server, i-Clustering System, i-Fax products, VoIP, eCommerce and Linux solutions ...etc in Hong Kong (introduced by different issues of LinuxPilot and other magazines/newspapers).

2011-Now:           Set up United Networks Data Center to provide Server Colocation, eCommerce, Hosting Services, Cloud Services & All Data Center Related Services (introduced by LinuxPilot in July 2011)


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We make innovative products and services for all people.



2003-2011 (9 Years Continuously): Best Linux Communications Server Award (by LinuxPilot)


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(852) 2119 0876


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(852) 2199 2880


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