Office Security Systems (Smartcard / Fingerprint / Remote Surveillance)

AVG Internet Security Software & Solutions (AntiVirus / AntiSpam / AntiSpyware / Firewall)




All MultiTech Products




Server Colocation (Rack Rental)

Dedicated Server Rental (ISPmanager Panel)

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Web Hosting

Email Hosting

DNS Hosting

SubDomain Hosting Service

Managed Hosting Services

Domain For Sale

Domain Application / Registration

Domain Forwarding

CMS Hosting

Wordpress / Joomla / Drual Hosting Services

AntiSpam & AntiVirus Services (Mail Scanning)

SMTP Mail Relay Service (Port xx25)

Fax-to-Email Service

Java/Tomcat Hosting

MultiMedia Server Hosting

Radio Streaming Service

VoIP/IP Phone/IP-PBX Hosting

CRM/ERP Hosting

SSL Cert Selling

Templates Selling

Cloud SSL Cert

Cloud Fax API (Internet Fax)

Cloud Voice API

Cloud Program Protection Service

Cloud Apps/Desktop Rental

Cloud Storage Backup Service (Remote Data Backup)

Cloud Virtual Server Backup Service (Remote Server Backup)

Virtual Firewall & Virtual LAN Services

Secure Business Network Services

Shell Hosting for Programming

Cloud License Application

Business Network License Application

Web Design

eDM Service (PHPList System)

IDD Service (Calling Card / SIP Service)

IT Support & Outsourcing


Remark:         Some of above services will be available in future !

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